OOTD: Comfy Day Off

Even though I like to tell myself that I am always super chic and fashionable, there always comes one of those casual days off. Yesterday was one of them.


Yesterday was filled mostly with cleaning, more specifically vacuuming. My father got me a new vacuum this past weekend and trust me – I needed it! Living with a cat is … catastrophic! Haha, but seriously if you don’t have a good vacuum your apartment goes to crap.

Surprise appearance by Curvystahaven kitty!

Surprise appearance by Curvysta Haven kitty!

So when I finally peeled myself out of my PJs to go to the gym and grocery shopping, I didn’t want to put on anything to crazy. I was sweaty (already) and tired. *Ding* My new white, over-sized sweater and bootcut jeans. Both are incredibly comfortable, exactly what I needed.


I decided to do a door motif for my photos, give it something different. I keep trying to up my photography prowess. What do you think? 


I paired this outfit with my twisted gold hoop earrings. Simple yet pulled the whole outfit together.


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