OOTD: Flower Tank & Maxi

I know, I just posted yesterday’s OOTD, but I wanted to keep up chronological – and I’m watching “Julie & Julia” so I’m on a blogging frenzy, not to mention I already did my cooking for the night. This movie always inspires me, one humble person decided to start a simple blog … that blew up and became a book! Oh, I can dream.


Anyways, I loved my outfit today – I mean loved. I’m totally moving into this free-flowy, California-laid back, colorful phase with my clothing. It’s so appealing especially since Pittsburgh is finally warming up. It’s just fantastic.


This flower tank with asymmetrical hem fell into my lap and honestly I wasn’t sure how I’d like it at first. I mean, when I saw it I was like ‘yes! so pretty!’ but when I went to buy it I wasn’t sure how it’d actually work. I actually kept the receipt till today to make sure it would work on me and with this skirt.


But when I pulled it on this morning for work with my gray maxi skirt from Gap, yes the one I found while in San Diego, it was just perfect. The top had just enough color to pop – and the pattern wasn’t a “pattern” pattern, because I’m still not a huge pattern girl – but it was more of a colorful graphic tank.


Beyond the fact that this outfit is completely chic it is comfortable. When you go shopping and you think “I can never find fashionable clothes that are actually comfortable” trust me, you can. You just need to look a little harder. Because this outfit is just comfortable. I came home and passed out in it after work & the gym. See, comfortable!


Having crazy, wild red hair also just paired perfectly with this outfit. I’ve been wearing my hair curly a lot lately because, well because mostly I’ve been lazy and not wanting to pull my straightener out all the time to do my hair. But it works because my new cut makes it simple for my hair to transition between curly and straight.


Oh, and surprise! Curvysta Haven kitty guest stars again! Catsby is doing quite well for himself. He’s starting to thin out some, thanks to automized feeding schedules and more playtime. I keep joking with my sister that I need to get him a fedora and pinstripe vest – cuz he’s a mobster. You’d have to hear more of his stories to fully get it. But my sister does!




I had a lot of fun taking photos this time too – so, there are tons of them. Enjoy!


2 responses to “OOTD: Flower Tank & Maxi

  1. You look lovely! and your cat is beyond adorable! 😀

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