North Carolina Vacation ’14

I’ve been doing a lot more on my Instagram account lately, what can I tell you – I love taking photos! So hopefully you’ve been following along with me that way, especially since I documented my recent vacation to North Carolina on there. Vacations are sooooo nice, I mean I haven’t been on a legit vacation in YEARS! I’m talking before college years – that’s 7 years at least since I’ve gone on a vacation. And I’m not sure what you all consider a “vacation” to be – because I mean I traveled to San Diego for two days last winter and I’ve gone up to visit my dad who lives 2 hours from me but that wasn’t enough for me. 

P.S. San Diego was BEAUTIFUL. 


But I digress, this road trip to NC was way over due and the best thing that has happened in my life for awhile. I think I’d start classifying myself as a “workaholic” even though I hate to admit that. But it seams that I’ve fallen into that routine of just working nonstop between both jobs. I have friends in the work force that just go so hardcore at their jobs, working nonstop and picking up more shifts than you’d think physically possibly to work – and it’s driven me to really work my butt off. But it’s so tiring… 


So when my good friend Chelsea and I started talking at the beginning of summer about planning a vacation I was stoked! We kept flipping through different ideas but one finally seemed to stick, visiting some of her family down in NC. I’ve never been there so it was going to be fun to explore a whole new state. Plus, hello, SUNSHINE! 

Finally in NCThe first part of our trip we were in Raleigh, NC and it’s gorgeous, and very different from what I’m used to – which is a city that stacks itself on top of itself (aka Pittsburgh). People run around my city like chickens with their heads cut off, but in Raleigh it’s spread out, with open highways that take you anywhere you’d want to go (like all the thousands of malls/outlets/shopping centers). It’s a huge city but it’s not built on top of itself like Pittsburgh, and everyone down there just moves slower, seemingly enjoying the day and all that golden sunshine. I was in shock for the first day. 

NC2That and I mean, when we finally got down there we were able to just hop into our swim suits and walk to the pool. Gah, I miss that. It was nice just being able to relax by a pool with the heat of the sun warming your (for me, pale) skin. It’s like I’d never seen the sun before, haha. 

NCPoolSelfie2The trip down though was so much fun, I haven’t had a road trip since I was little. Being stuck in a car for 9 hours may not seem like fun, and it certainly had its moments, but being able to just escape my life and drive through state after state where it just got sunnier, warmer and greener …. beautiful

I’ll break this story up into a few posts just so I don’t cause an overdose of information here. So stay tuned! 


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