The Script/One Republic Concert

On our trip down to North Carolina I was telling Chelsea how I jokingly made a promise to a coworker before we left for vacation that I wouldn’t do anything she didn’t do while in NC. The main point of that was not to get into any sort of car accident (my coworker was ok), of course I had to explain more to Chelsea on this situation and mentioned how my coworker’s accident happened after attending a concert while she was visiting down there. I told Chelsea that shouldn’t be a problem considering we hadn’t planned on going to one. That’s when she told me that her uncle was actually going to an outdoor one the first day we’d be down there – and how he had invited us to come!

Now I love music of almost any kind, but I’m sometimes that person that I recognize a song but have no idea who sings it. So when she told me that it was a One Republic concert I agreed – but had to ask who they were haha! I actually confused them with One Direction at first, but she told me they were more pop rock. I didn’t realize till they started playing I knew most of their songs. Or that of the opening act, The Script.

TheScriptOoh boy, are the men of The Script gorgeous. Three beautiful Irish boys from Dublin, can’t hate that! Danny O’Donoghue is one fine Irish man, and I feel I can openly admit (being Irish myself) that I sent an open proposal to this man into the universe that night. You can’t go wrong with a band that’s Irish, cusses on stage, does a revenge phone call to some girl’s ass of an ex-boyfriend AND informs me that they melt into whiskey. That’s my new favorite line now…

Photo courtesy Google.

Donny O’Donoghue from The Script. Photo courtesy Google.

One Republic was amazing too, the fact that they could play so many different instruments was enthralling. I loved how talented on a piano they were, and that they used what looked to be a mandolin on stage, great song!  I caught a few of their songs on my Instagram page through video.

Terrible picture but you get the idea.

Terrible picture but you get the idea.

The event made it a great first night in Raleigh too. Outdoor concerts are always fun, even if the grass was soaking wet and we saw some girl puke her guts out over the railing.

Don’t forget to continue to check up on the site for more of my vacation!


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