Pool Time!

One of my most favorite parts of being in North Carolina on vacation was all the time I logged out in front of a pool soaking up the rays. Summer in Pittsburgh has been dreary, mostly humid and rainy and only on occasion hot. That combined with all the hours I’ve been logging between my jobs I never really had time to go outside in the sun.

The complex we staid in had it’s very own, wonderful pool that Chelsea and I got to lounge near for almost all of vacation. It was everyday we were out there, so my skin finally got some color back into it. Besides that added perk, being able to relax in the sun, flaunting my beach body was perfect.

And yes, you read correctly, my beach body.


I’ve been an advocate for body confidence, and obviously the plus size community, for years now and my biggest message besides “love your curves” has been that ANYONE can wear a bikini if they want. I vowed that’d be the only thing I wore on vacation this time so I pulled out the bottoms from last years Forever 21 high-waisted bikini and the new Old Navy bikini top I bought at the start of summer. I wore this thing religiously, and I was comfortable in it. 

The first day when we went out to the pool and I started taking my cover up off I had a moment of nervousness at the fact that I was going to be showing off all this skin, mostly my stomach, to totally strangers. But I sucked it up and took it off and never looked back. Now I wish I could still be living in my bikini right now – I need a pool 😦

I got so many likes on Instagram, and the occasional comment, on the picture of myself in the bikini that I was overwhelmingly happy. Thank you to all those people who even just looked at my picture. You really did touch me.

So I hope someone will take this into consideration and is a little more comfortable in their bikini this year! There are so many awesome ones out there for plus size women that you can’t go wrong!!


Friday was probably the longest time I’ve spent out in a bikini though because we went from the apartment’s pool to the YMCA’s pool! Woo, that was a little nerve racking at first too because there were sooo many people there, and we all know kids can be cruel. But I was perfectly content. This YMCA also had a slide!

Discovered I’m not as trained of a swimmer as I used to be either, and I have the scratches on my knees and elbows to prove it. While at one point in my life I was on the swim team and could do laps pretty easily and climb out of a pool on my own … no longer. I thought it’d be smart to show off a little and jump in the 6ft deep water and just swim one back-and-forth lap. Halfway through my comeback lap I had to stop and catch my breath… then I couldn’t lift myself out of the 6ft. water! I was too weak haha. After resting a minute I was able to scramble my way up, hence the scratches. Never again!

Theres a few more stories I want to share from my North Carolina vacation, so check back tomorrow for another! Hope they aren’t boring you. 


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