The End of North Carolina

Okay this’ll be like a catch all to the last of my vacation in North Carolina. I had so much fun down there, and I have a separate story I’ll tell you tomorrow. You might remember in my first story on vacation that I made a comment about how many malls/outlets and shopping centers Raleigh has – well I wasn’t exaggerating. You could literally throw a rock and hit a different one, I was surprised. Chelsea and I ventured out to one of the outlets on Thursday and it was awesome.

We first started with breakfast at Cracker Barrel, mmm, country breakfasts are so delicious. Had my first taste of grits, needed salt but they were good! I could see myself getting into those. Afterwards we had some time to kill before the stores opened up so we relaxed outside the restaurant in all those nice, big rocking chairs they have.


And then I got my butt whooped in a game of giant checkers. I don’t remember sucking this much, maybe Chelsea is just a master mind. I specifically remember thinking towards the end, “ok, time to fall on your damn sword Liz!” It was that bad.


Saturday we picked up and traveled out to her cousin’s place towards the middle of North Carolina where they are surrounded by military bases. Oh yes, many many beautiful military men. He also took us out to the beach which was just breath taking. I’ve never stepped into an ocean before, I was so excited.


It was also another chance to soak up some sun and flaunt my bikini bod. Oh, and I got to film Chelsea doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! If you haven’t already, look into it, watch some funny videos, learn about the disease and donate!

So this was pretty much the end to our vacation. Sunday morning we packed up and headed back to Pittsburgh. It was like an 11 hour car drive and I know she will never ever drive her car again haha, but it was interesting. We drove through the city close to Virginia Beach, um yea, insane doesn’t describe that traffic.


It was such an awesome road trip and I owe my girl Chelsea a lot for driving the whole time and taking me down with her. I hope everyone had a vacation this summer and if you haven’t gone on yours yet – invite me!


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