Torrid Fashion Haul: All Black

I am really starting to fall in love with Torrid again, and it’s awesome that they FINALLY came to their senses and opened one up close to Pittsburgh again. It’s still a 30-ish minute drive but it’s better than not having one around. I believe they should put another one in closer but I understand that it’s business.

Just recently I made my second trip down to their store in the Tanger outlets and was excited to have the store practically to myself. It was like Christmas, just walking around and picking up one of whatever I wanted to try on. I had two, huge armfuls of clothes in that fitting room by the time I made it in.

This outfit has some of the pieces that made the cut:


I was working both jobs this day so I had to dress for Lush where it’s all black & white. This full black ensemble made me feel so chic! The pants in particularly, which are their slim fix pixie pant, are uber comfy. No lie, I could do cartwheels in these pants if I wanted! What’s so awesome about them is that they have secret tummy control panels in them to really help slim my figure. Who wouldn’t want that?


The top has a black lace inset on the back of the shoulders which really is eye-catching and made it a bit more fun than just straight black up-and-down. Best part? It was on clearance!


I finished off the outfit with gold square earrings, my Aldo tired necklace, and some dark lips (the color is called “Confidence.”) My jobs didn’t know what hit ’em when I walked in!


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