Torrid Fashion Haul: Fall into Grey

Have you ever spotted that one item on the clearance rack, tucked away between the neon green and athletic wear, and when you pulled it out was like hallelujah! This Torrid dress was mine. I was on my way into the dressing room when something grey with lace caught the corner of my eye; I shifted the pile of clothes in my arms and dug into the stuffed rack to pull out this beauty. Needless to say it is one of my ultimate picks from my recent Torrid shopping trip.


You never know what you are going to find on a clearance rack apparently because this was another gem that I had to have. When I was sorting out piles in the fitting room this was the first piece that went into my YES pile. And I couldn’t be happier after bringing it home and wearing it out already.


I can’t explain exactly why I love it so much: could be how comfy it is, or that it pairs perfect with leggings, that it came right as Fall did into my life … I could go on forever. It’s just perfect. I love how the black lace lays on the shoulders and that there is gathering at the bottoms on the sides. It really hugs my curves perfectly and it’s another one that I could do cartwheels in if I had to!



This time I paired it with last Christmas’ MukLuks, which I adore so much I need new ones already, and sparkly black hoop earrings (not pictured). Before this outfit I didn’t want to admit that Fall weather had arrived, but after rocking this outfit I can’t wait!

P.S. my hair is finally starting to get long enough to play with again! 


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