Hey everybody, my name is Liz! I’m 24 years old and live in Pittsburgh (Steeler Country!) I started blogging 3 years ago when I took an Online Journalism class; ever since then I have found a passion for it. I’ve had several blogs before this one and I also freelance blogged for Style Segment, a fashion website that I absolutely adore. Writing for Style Segment has really inspired me and focused me to start The Curvysta Haven.

A little background: I’m plus size. I’m thick. I have big calves, big curves … I’m just big and damn proud of it. Fashion especially never really came easily to me at first, but somewhere around college I totally fell in love with the fashion world. I love my curves, love dressing my curves and totally disagree with some peoples opinions that fat girls have to dress in baggy, shapeless clothes! So along with a ton of other great women I’ve met through working, I decided to create a blog to help inspire and empower women and bring “fat acceptance.”

I love my readers, and more importantly I love helping people. I’ve worked in retail for the past 2 years (bra expert, now fashion expert) where I have had the chance to help curvy women especially find better bras, clothes that fit and make them feel amazing, and giving an overall boost in confidence. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing one of my costumers smile in delight.

The Curvysta Haven is here to be just that, a haven for all curvy girls (and anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge.) It’s a lifestyle blog: recipes, fashion, beauty, music, ect. will all be included.


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